Land Management and Stand Selection

Being an avid whitetail hunter my whole life this is one of the areas I pride myself on. I enjoy obtaining a new piece of ground and learning the ins and outs of it. When I obtain land, I look at how I can improve it. Maybe it’s an access road or a small kill plot. The great thing about land is that no two pieces are alike. Food is pretty plentiful in West Central Illinois which is a great thing. However, it can also work against you because there is so much of it. This is where preseason preparation of glassing fields and trail cam photos come into play. My stands early season are typically set on field edges or in travel corridors coming to the food from bed. As it gets later into the season I get deeper into the timber. Once the rut kicks in we get a little more aggressive setting up closer to bedding areas. This approach has proven to be successful. It also allows us not to contaminate our properties and educate our deer herd early in the season