About Us

Growing up I knew two things for certain: I loved the outdoors and I wanted to one day serve my country. After joining the Army and supporting both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, I knew I could combine my love for the outdoors with my desire to give back and continue to support our great nation.I wanted to start an Outfitter and cater it to not only the best hunters that I grew to call family, but also to the service members that were now my brothers. HeroShot Outfitters donate 10% of our profits to Wounded Warriors and we pick a wounded warrior every year to join us for a free hunt.

Your satisfaction with Hero Shot is our top priority. As an avid hunter, I traveled the country and experienced the best and worst of the outfitting community. I knew I could do better and provide the hunting experience that I would want for myself. I pour my heart and soul into this business and I guarantee you will see my passion, knowledge, and dedication to making your experience with us one that you’ll want to repeat year after year.

Who We Are

We are a small veteran owned company located in the Golden Triangle in Adams and Pike County in West Central Illinois. We pride ourselves on low pressure and quality deer management. At Hero Shot you are guaranteed quality sets in prime locations in the heart of big buck country.


At Hero Shot Outfitters we are a family run operation. I will personally guide you and my wife Amber does the cooking and all of the behind the scenes business. This allows me to focus on putting you on the Midwest bruiser that you came to Illinois for. At certain times you will even get to meet mom and dad. They travel down to help us during the season as their schedule permits. We truly believe and stand behind the saying that you come to camp as a client and leave as family. We stay in communication throughout the season and continually update you on what to expect coming to camp!


I have hunted many areas of the country and I realize that each geographical location presents its’ own set of challenges. If there is one thing that I have learned, it’s that any area can suffer from pressure. In West Central Illinois we are fortunate enough to have great soil, plentiful food, and great deer numbers. However, that really doesn’t matter if an area is either over hunted or hunted improperly. I am a strong believer that you have to leave the woods as undisturbed as possible and that includes not only a small group of hunters but, also smart entry and exit to the stands It also includes hunting the proper wind and taking the appropriate scent controlling measures. This philosophy carries over into preseason scouting and post season as well. You can never be 100% scent free no matter what products you use so the less you can educate your deer herd the better your odds are for success come hunting.

Land Management and Stand Selection

Being an avid whitetail hunter my whole life this is one of the areas I pride myself on. I enjoy obtaining a new piece of ground and learning the ins and outs of it. When I obtain land, I look at how I can improve it. Maybe it’s an access road or a small kill plot. The great thing about land is that no two pieces are alike. Food is pretty plentiful in West Central Illinois which is a great thing. However, it can also work against you because there is so much of it. This is where preseason preparation of glassing fields and trail cam photos come into play. My stands early season are typically set on field edges or in travel corridors coming to the food from bed. As it gets later into the season I get deeper into the timber. Once the rut kicks in we get a little more aggressive setting up closer to bedding areas. This approach has proven to be successful. It also allows us not to contaminate our properties and educate our deer herd early in the season

Why Hero Shot?

My answer is: Why not? You have dozens of choices when it comes to selecting an outfitter. Trust me I have been on your side. I have had great experiences and I have had some bad experiences. I can say that some of my best experiences were the hunts I never drew my bow back and my worst ones were when I was successful. Doesn’t make sense right? To me what makes a great hunt is knowledgeable guides, good ground that aren’t over hunted, and excellent communication. Those are three things that I can control and I will also do my best to put you in front of a trophy as well. I will ensure the odds are in your favor. The rest is up to you and mother nature. Aim small and miss small and I am sure I will be taking your Hero Shot this fall and for years to come!