To hunt Illinois you will need 3 things:

  1. Archery Permit ($410) or Firearm/Muzzleloader Permit ($325)
  2. Full Season License ($57) or 5 Day Hunting License ($35)
  3. Habitat Stamp ($5)

No. Non-Residents must put in for the draw by June 30th. However, in the past there have been leftovers for Archery. For Shotgun/Muzzleloader you will want to identify your county as Adams. Hero Shot highly encourages every hunter to put in for the draw. For more information go to www.dnr.illinois.gov

Yes. Crossbows are legal during Archery Season

We have a variety of stand locations as well as ground blinds.  For the hardcore bowhunter, our stands are typically between 20-25 feet.  We also utilize ladder stands and lower hanging stands in the 12-16 foot range for those who prefer to hunt closer to the ground.

Yes. We encourage this during the early and late season. However, during the pre rut and rut it is discouraged as you never know what could be behind that hot doe.

Absolutely! We encourage potential and returning clients to join us during shed season.

Yes. We will use Polaris Ranger to take you directly to your blind.

Yes. Confidence is key when it comes to bowhunting. Please shoot whatever you have practiced with and feel the most confident in.  All we ask is that you are confident in your equipment and practice shooting regularly.

YES! Absolutely no high fences here!  We are a 100% fair chase outfitter.

Yes. We operate on a 130 inch and 3.5 year old minimum. Anything less is $1000 fine. The exception is for youth hunters and for hunters over 62 years of age. We prefer not to fine anyone but proper deer management ensures future success for years to come.

At Hero Shot Outfitters, we exclusively use Millennium and Hawk Treestands.  We feel that these are the most comfortable stands on the market. Also, every stand is equipped with a lifeline, bow rope, and ez hanger.  After all, the more time you can spend in the tree, the more successful you’ll be in the woods!

No. We will field dress your deer and take it to our local processor. The charge for processing and packaging your deer is $80-$90 for standard cut. Capping for taxidermy is extra at the processor.

No. At Hero Shot Outfitters, our leased land is for clients only.