Hero Shot Outfitters

Whitetail Hunts

Our Early Season Hunts are typically very successful. The weather is very comfortable and most hunters like having the first crack at our mature bucks. At this time of year, our bucks can be patterned quite well. With the harvest taking place, there are plenty of fresh crops on the ground and acorns. These hunts typically involve multiple stands placed on edges or just slightly in security cover leading to and from bedding areas near food. As the year progresses, we will move deeper into the timber as movement permits. We only run 1 group the first week of the season. This allows us to keep pressure low and really be able to pattern these mature bucks. Depending on the movement sometimes morning hunting is discouraged as we do not want to run the risk of spooking deer out of the fields.

Our Archery Pre Rut/Rut Hunts are unmatched at Hero Shot Outfitters. Our archery hunts are 5 days, depending on the time of year. Large contiguous timber, creek bottoms, ridge tops, bottle necks, and fence lines coupled with high deer density, mature bucks, and low pressure is the recipe for success. The woods are on fire this time of year. If you have never experienced the rut in the Midwest, it is like no other. This is when you want to be in the stand as much as possible as you never know when that next booner could step out.

Our Firearm/Shotgun/Muzzle Loader Hunts are very successful and are almost filled for this year. The hunter on these hunts can bring a weapon of choice: muzzle loader, shotgun (slug only) or pistol. These weapons can be equipped with a scope. The hunters on these hunts will hunt from tree stands, ladders, ground blinds and elevated shooting houses. Also, ask about our combination hunts! This allows a hunter the opportunity at 2 bucks (1 with a bow and 1 with a gun).

Our Muzzle Loader Hunt is a three-day hunt, typically in mid-December. On this hunt you can only use a Muzzle Loader and you will be hunting out of tree stands, ground blinds, ladders, and elevated houses. We will concentrate primarily on stands around food sources. This is the time of year when the stomach of a deer is his worst enemy.

Our Youth Firearm Hunt is Hero Shots favorite hunt. The state now allows Non-Residents under sixteen a two-day opportunity (Saturday and Sunday) in early October with the usage of a muzzle loader or a shotgun/slug. This is a very productive hunt at an affordable price. This is a family-oriented environment where it is about introducing children to the outdoors. There are NO TROPHY FEES on youth hunts!

Turkey Hunts

The turkey hunting at Hero Shot Outfitters is second to none. With a healthy number of birds in the area you are sure to have nonstop action on your hunt. Our hunts are 3 days long and can be customized to your schedule or skillset. Also, Hero Shot offers hunters the opportunity at a Grand Slam! Hunt Eastern’s in Illinois or Ohio, Osceola in Florida, Rio in Kansas and Mariams in South Dakota. Contact Hero Shot today for more information on these hunts.