The Barracks

We have two lodges that are strategically located on our properties. Each can house six hunters but we only have a maximum of five hunters at a time. Each lodge is equipped with all of necessities and we also have an archery range so that you are able to get some practice in before you hit the woods!


Breakfast is a light meal which consists of cereal, toast, muffins, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee. It’s best not to eat a lot when you’re heading to the woods for several hours. Lunch is typically sandwich fixings and soup. We also provide everything needed for a sack lunch for those all day sits. Dinner is a home cooked meal with dessert! This is where we sit around the table and discuss the day’s hunt and put our game plan together for the next day. You will not go hungry at Hero Shot!


We are located 20 minutes East of Quincy, Il, 2 hours North of St. Louis, and 4.5 hours South West of Chicago. St.Louis flys direct to the Quincy Regional Airport where we can pick you up. If you elect to fly into St. Louis then I would recommend a shuttle service or renting a vehicle as we do not pick up from St. Louis.