The eastern wild turkey is one of North America's most popular game birds and can be a great opportunity to introduce kids and novice hunters to the sport of hunting. If you have been in the spring woods at daybreak, you know that there is simply something magical about the sound of a gobbler echoing through the timber and is easily one of nature's most exciting moments. The sites and sounds are truly remarkable and give you a chance to see all kinds of wildlife. Having a strutting tom ease into range in the Spring is magical. The turkey hunting at Hero Shot Outfitters is second to none. With a healthy number of birds in the area you are sure to have nonstop action on your hunt. Our hunts are 3 days long and can be customized to either fully guided or semi guided. Whether you are new to turkey hunting or an experienced hunter, we will do our best to put you on trophy birds. Our high success is due to having some of the best local guides that know the properties and where these birds roost, scratch, and strut. We hunt from stationary and portable ground blinds, and “run and gun” style. We look forward to spending time in the woods chasing these awesome birds with you!If you tag out early we can take you for a day of morel mushroom hunting or crappie fishing. Contact Hero Shot today for more information on these hunts.