Land Management

Hero Shot Outfitters strictly manages over 2,000 low pressure acres located in the Golden Triangle of Illinois in Adams and Pike County. Keeping groups at 4-5 hunters’ maximum and only hunting select weeks out of the year allows us to properly manage our property while also keeping pressure to a minimum. We enforce a 135 or 3.5 year old minimum on all hunts except for youth hunts and hunters 62 and older. Doe to Buck Ratio is approximately 3:1. Trail Cameras are spread throughout the property allowing us to get a good inventory on potential shooter bucks for your hunt.

Stand Locations

Stand location is one of the most important factors when hunting mature whitetails. However, more importantly is your entry and exit points. I take stand setup very seriously and only hang set ups that I would personally hunt. Each stand is strategically placed depending on the time of year and the activity. We hunt out of Millennium Lock Ons, Ladder Stands, and Ground Blinds. Each stand is between 18 and 22 feet in the air and all are equipped with a lifeline for safety.

Scent Control

Scent Control is an important factor when it comes to killing a mature whitetail and Hero Shot takes this seriously. We do not allow smoking in the lodge, tree stands, guide truck, or on any of the properties we manage. If you wish to smoke there is a designated smoking area located away from the lodge.